Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Tornado of My Love

First of all, we would like to apologize for the delay in our blogging, (is anyone reading them anyways?)....
The trip to Seattle to check out Coffee Fest was a blast. The trade show was massive and the haze of coffee fluff was minimal enough to be able to see the crema on top. Enjoyed a very pleasant visit with the Synesso folks. The Clover family seems to be extending itself as we noticed more than one at the show. Truly is a great machine for showcasing coffee profiles. After visiting, chatting and fighting our way through the mounds of biscotti being hurled at us we managed to tour Seattle and check out a few fine cafes.

Victrola was very fine indeed. Super great staff and we all agreed that our shots of thier Streamline espresso were divine. The atmosphere was funky and the artwork very cool. Interesting enough all their drip coffee was brewed through French Presses then transfered to air pots for warm keeping. One person appeared to be dedicated to the task. We also visited both locations of Vivace. We admired thier use of rich colour and marble bars. The original Vivace had more of a warm, comfortable feeling where as the second location was a bit more sterile. Although this seemed to fit with the modern condo like area where the cafe is located.
Seattle in general is a very cool city. We had a great dinner at a place called the Pink Door and an interesting time finding it. We went in through the out door. We went to a funky market and saw some flying fish. Ate some good chowder, drank some more coffee and called it a fabulous weekend.
Now back in Victoria and the cafe seems to be finding more regulars all the time. Lately we have been pouring latte art with titles such as "The Tornado of my Love". Any locals reading this should come by and enjoy some intrepretive art. Discovery Cafe is now open until 5:00pm on Fridays.

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Paul Reimer said...

Don't get discouraged! *I* check your blog daily. I even post comments sometimes.