Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jam and Coffee Sandwich Please

The first ever barista jam at Discovery Coffee, and in Victoria, was a great success. We were very pleased at the turn out of local baristas and coffeephiles a like. Thanks to all who attended. A big thanks to Jason who brought out his baby Diedrich and his Sylvia as well as a home roast of his espresso. We opened up the Synesso and exposed it's guts for all to see. It was a free-for-all to pull shots, try out the Clover and in the end a very fun latte art competition erupted. There were those who came to drink coffee and those who took the indulgence a tiny step further. All said it turned into a wee bit of party but a fairly casual affair. Mainly a chance for everyone to hang out and discuss technique and coffee gossip. The next one will be more structured and focus on one or two of the fascinating and multiple faces of the coffee bean.
On the roast today we have MAO Harar and Yirgacheffe as well as a Mexican Chiapas. There is a wee bit of Sumatran in the house as well as our usual Darkside Blend. And much to our delight, the sun is shining and Aretha is belting it out on the stereo. So those in Vic, swing on by. We like seeing your smiling faces.