Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Large French Press to Go Please

It has been an interesting week here at Discovery Coffee. Just when you think you have your coffee rush routine down to a science and have finally convinced your customers to wait the extra minute for a delicious cup of Clover coffee, turns out you need to convince them to wait a minute more. Our Clover is down and has been so for the last two days. French Press is now the method of choice to brew our single origin coffees. Brewing in this manner has turned our Cafe into even more of a science lab and has brought on even more respect for Stumptown's everyday French Press brewing. Although the Clover is a fabulous machine, it is neat to have taken the machine out of the process and become even more interactive with the coffee itself. The customers who do have the time to wait seem to really enjoy and appreciate their cup.
We have a new bean in the house to give big props to and that is a wicked Indonesian Sumatra. Sweet chocolate yumminess!
Discovery is going on a field trip to Seattle for Coffee Fest this weekend and we are really exicted. Hopefully we will learn some new tricks and further expand our little bean brains with more coffee knowledge.

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