Sunday, September 03, 2006

Woke up early on this long weekend and as usual craved to start the day with a fine cup. Almost always i fall asleep dreaming of what i will start the fallowing day with. Its a long weekend and the shop is closed but what better day to go in and do some experimenting. This morning I through a cup of our newest batch of Ethiopian Harar Sam has truely turned a courner with a few of his new roasts. Our new single origins are coming out amazing off the clover and my french press of the Yirgachffe this afternoon is very enjoyable. Anyway back to playing at the shop this morning I pulled a bag of esspresso off the shelf and toped up the hopper. Five days off the roast so buttery and smooth just thinking about it, I want one now. Did some compairing and had to throw in a few single origin shots for fun. I have had an injury on my tamping hand so have been rocking the left handed tamp all week and am amazed with much concintration how good a shot i can pull. You never know could be a good skill in the future. Ok enough of my blabing on heres some pics enjoy.


Peter said...

Logan, you don't know me... but I used to be a "regular" at 2% Jazz and claim Sam Jones to be a huge influence on my coffee life. Great to see you blogging about Discovery. Stephen tells me you manage the place, correct?

Discovery Coffee said...

Discovery Coffee is going great the beans are turning awsome. Sam is deffenetly a motivating factor around here and yes i am managing the place. You will have to come over and give us a try.