Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fine Day for Espresso

Another sunny September morning finds us happy and fueled here at Discovery Coffee. It was a fine start to the day with a test taste between the French Press and the Clover. It was an interesting test as the variables are quite difficult to control in a French Press where the Clover allows for complete control pretty much every step of the way. Yet, in the end, most of us agreed we preferred the taste of the Press. This was probably due to the steep time.
As a barista in training I, (Jaelithe), am finding the whole process interesting and am slowly beginning to train my palate in sensing the various neuances of the coffee bean. I awoke the other morning at 4am and the first thought that popped into my mind was, "Oh ya! Today is the peak day for the espresso!" And I was excited. This is how I know two things. That I am in the right job with the right people and that I am becoming a definite coffee geek. Thanks Logan.
Your welcome Jaelithe. Coffee is truly an amazing thing with multiple personalities, a lot like my new member here at the shop. Keeping a crew that is passionate not just about a great product but also respecting the bean, in its many forms, is essential here at Discovery Coffee . Its great to have Jaelithe on board.
As I walked in this morning Sam was already dosing my espresso to start the day. He had been creating new blends all morning and I can only assume he had been dreaming them up all night. Of course this turned into a guess the blend game. So if you are in the shop in the next few days, we will be running multiple espresso grinders to test these new ideas. Cheers. The Discovery Gang.

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